ATID is the creation of Alexander Taylor Studio, a design and innovation consultancy based in London. It is a platform for the studio to present its latest concepts and products; the most progressive and intelligent design solutions, without compromise.

Each ATID product is designed in London, then developed and upscaled in collaboration with industry-leading factories, labs and material specialists. The design process is centred around ways in which factory and designer, as well as industry and aesthetic, can collaborate to create new ways of problem-solving.


Our process_

In development for two years, ATID’s introduction collection of technical apparel and accessories is made from leftover ‘deadstock’ materials from its premium sportswear partner factory in China.

ATID pieces are exclusive and limited in number by their very nature.Whether they are made from leftover material from a partner factory, knitted in a new bio-yarn only available in a limited quantity, handcrafted in collaboration with their partner atelier in Paris or because they are exposing alternative system solutions.

ATID doesn’t follow seasons or calendars and one-size-fits-all does not apply to its supply chain. Instead, ATID sees its supply chain as a playground packed with numerous and diverse possibilities. It proposes radical collaboration with its partners, seeking out the best possible quality in manufacturing and introducing new products only when they are fully ready. Compromise is a luxury that no longer exists and is why ATID collaborates only with those with shared values.

As we step into a new decade, one defined by a global pandemic and climate crisis, we are reminded that no one exists in isolation. Today, more and more people are tuning into the ATID frequency and understand that it is our duty to live consciously and accept our individual and collective responsibilities. Our minds are infinite, but the resources contained within our environment are not. At the heart of this contradiction is where ATID draws its inspiration.

Founding Partner — KTC Limited
Brand identity — Studio Veronica Ditting
Website — Future Corp
Packaging — Avery Dennison

Our approach_

How do we sell a garment or bag that are only made in such small volumes? They are very special and you are helping contribute to the notion of creating less. The world is breaking and waste is everywhere we turn. It has been mentioned that the global fashion industry could exist at currently levels of production for 7 years and we would still have enough material in the world to service it without making any new material. In excess of 250 tonnes of deadstock textile pass through Hong Kong every day destined for landfill or incineration. In the UK alone we generate over 1 million tonnes of textile waste per year, of which 300,000 tonnes is destined for landfill or is incinerated.

This is the foundation of the project and drives us in the beginning. We have greater ambition to build the network and supply chain of leftover materials and we will develop new intelligent responsible materials, where we see fit, and only if it is making sense.

We would like to build a community and establish a foundation - to educate and build on good design principles and partner with many factories, in order to build on the ethics and DNA of ATID, and to enable a broad landscape of creation. This is the beginning, I have a determination to always keep pushing for something better, no matter how this manifests itself through business and life, we have to all work together to fix this planet before it’s too late.